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PC Strand - 7 wire

PC Strand consists of a group of seven cold drawn wires having a central wire (core wire) around which are helically spun six wires in one layer and with uniform pitch. PC Strand is mostly intended  for the construction industries to produce precast concrete elements, rock & soil anchors, concrete poles as well as for pre-stressing and post-tensioning applications.

PC Strand - 2&3 wire

Established in 1963, Siderurgica Latina Martin focuses on manufacturing PC Strand (2 & 3 wires) in accordance with the most recognized international standards.
Siderurgica Latina Martin turns High Carbon Wire Rod into PC Strand (2 & 3 wires) through an integrated manufacturing process starting from in-house Acid Pickling & Pre-Coating, Cold Wire Drawing, Stranding, Thermo-Mechanical Process to Rewinding & Packaging.

2 & 3 Wire Strand consists of a group of 2 & 3 high tensile strength cold drawn wires spun together in helical form over a theoretical common axis in one layer with uniform pitch.
2 & 3 Wire Strand is widely used in precast concrete elements and concrete poles.
Additional configurations of 2 & 3 wire PC Strand can be produced on demand.

Diameter Range: 2-wires: 4,50 mm | 3-wires: 4,85 mm to 8,60 mm
Tensile Strength Range: 1770 Mpa to 2160 Mpa
Coil Weight: 190 kg to 3.000 kg

PC wire

PC Wire is supplied either smooth or indented and it  is packed and delivered either in coils or in bundle of straight cut-to-length bars. PC Wire in straight cut-to-length bar is used to produce railroad sleepers whereas PC Wire in coils is mostly used as reinforcement in concrete pre-stressed elements.

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