Free cutting high speed steel with sulphur

These steel grades give improved machinability improving tool life. The production of these steels has to be carefully monitored in order to achieve uniform distribution of sulphide inclusions throughout all sections with good mechanical properties and excellent machinability.

Free cutting steels

Steel grade

Corresponding standard Average chemical composition
Werkstoff ORI Martin C Mn Si S P
11SMn30 1.0715 Z09Z21 0,08 1,1 0,05 0,3 0,05
11SMn37 1.0736 Z09Z31 0,08 1,2 0,05 0,38 0,05
SAE 1117 Z09Z11 0,16 1,1 0,2 0,1 0,02
35S20 1.0726 Z35S20 0,35 0,9 0,2 0,2 0,02
36SMn14 1.0764 Z35S12 0,35 1,5 - 0,14 -
44SMn28 1.0762 Z45Z11 0,44 1,5 - 0,29 -
45S10 Z45S10 0,42 0,98 - 0,1 -
46S20 1.0727 Z45S20 0,45 0,9 0,2 0,2 0,02


ORI Martin S.p.A.
Wire rod

Rolling takes place at a controlled temperature using the very latest technology. This allows a smaller grain size to be obtained together with a more fine and even structure. Optimal characteristics for subsequent use in drawing and cold moulding in addition to a higher degree of globularisation after the annealing process.

Hot rolled bars

Production takes place in a rolling mill at a controlled temperature using the very latest technology which guarantees a fine grain and homogeneous structure; the calibrator finishing block allows bars with restricted dimensional tolerances.

Continuous casting billets

ORI Martin spa sells continuous casting steel billets to rolling mills and hot forgers. The refining process with the degassing station and the casting through submerged nozzles guarantee the supply of billets of high-quality engineering steel.

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Trafilati Martin S.p.A.
Cold drawn bars

Cold drawn bars are cold finished products achieved by the cold deformation of the wire rod through a die that reduces the diameter and after various controls are cut into the length required. This process achieves the calibration of the wire into the diameter required. We can obtain wire in a wide range of diameters, the mechanical characteristics increase depending on the reduction carried out.

Cold drawn bars can be produced with the following additional operations and controls:
- Heat treatment by annealing (soft and spheroidized annealing and so on)
- Heat treatment by quenching and tempering, normalising or stress reliving by induction (after drawing)
- Ends chamfering
- Surface defect control by Eddy Current
- Anti-mixing control

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Novacciai Martin S.p.A.
Peeled & reeled bars

Peeled & reeled bars (+SH EN 10277)
Alloy Steel, Non-Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel
Ø 10,00 ÷ 200,00 ( ≥IT9 ) EN 10278

Cold drawn bars

Cold drawn bars (+C EN 10277)
Alloy Steel, Non-Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel
Ø 8,00 ÷ 74,00 ( ≥IT9 ) EN 10278

Ground Bars

Ground bars
Alloy Steel, Non-Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel
Ø 6,00 ÷ 200,00 (IT9 ÷ IT6) EN 10278

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